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More About Airbrush Makeup

Why Airbrush Makeup


Loved by celebrities its used in all areas of TV, Fashion, Media and Theatre because its the best, not just in feel and appearance, it also works fantastically through a lens, under lights, and many other conditions thanks to its light feel, maximum coverage (if needed), hygienic application, sweatproof, water proof, long lasting effects.

Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin in a fine mist. The particles of makeup are tiny when sprayed through an airbrush, as opposed to conventionally applied base makeup and therefore less visible, allowing it to sit evenly and leave a completely flawless, weightless and natural finish.

Airbrush also has hygienic benefits in that it prevents product contamination and the spreading of bacteria.

The airbrush products used are mixed up to match your personal skin tone.

Airbrush is well known for its amazing durability, the skin is still able to breathe thanks to its fine yet great coverage mist, feeling weightless, luxurious and natural.

Airbrush also means it doesn't require any need for touch up, due to its long lasting qualities, making it ideal for brides, parties, proms any more other occasions.

Airbrush makeup enables a fantastic coverage, it can even cover tattoos and allows for correction of skin blemishes and discoloration, scaring, broken capillaries, bruising and many other conditions and effects.

The effects are so long lasting it can even be slept in and you will still wake up in the morning looking flawless (as long as you don't sleep face planting your pillow 😊 )